Events, tourism and attractions operational safety expert witness, speaker/trainer and consultant.

CV Highlights

  • 25+ Years of experience
  • Coursework for Ph.D. in Hospitality Ed.
  • M.S. Hospitality Mgmt.
  • Post-bac. Grad. Cert. IE
  • B.S. Leisure (Recreation) Programming
  • Professor (Hosp. & Event Mgmt.)

Brian's Professional Profile

About Brian D. Avery

Brian D. Avery is a speaker, professor, expert witness, and author with a career that spans more than 25-years. For over twenty-five years, Brian has been working in the events, tourism and attractions industry. His background is comprised of three areas of expertise: risk and safety management, event design and execution, and education.

Early Career

Brian’s career began on the frontlines of the industry working as a midway operator at Boardwalk and Baseball amusement park at the age of fourteen. Brian has credited his early experience with getting the amusement industry bug… his father Bill would say: “cotton candy is in his blood.” 

After college, Brian went on to be a manager for five restaurants on property at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. He cultivated knowledge in the importance of providing excellent customer service and delivering a safe and enjoyable guest experience. He quickly transitioned from restaurant management to his passion, by joining Avery Safety Consulting, Inc. in 1998, a company started by his father Bill.

Brian served the company as a safety and health consultant, where he performed amusement attraction and facility inspections, as well as, co-created and outlined safety guides and manuals for clients. Brian went on to work as a safety specialist for SeaWorld and Discovery Cove, where he developed and managed safety training programs for employees and conducted guest accident investigations and park-wide inspections of facilities and attractions.

After spending some time in the parks, Avery joined GES Exposition Services—a trade show installation company, where his safety management expertise was tested and essential in New Orleans post-Katrina tradeshow recovery efforts. Brian was tasked with the risk management and safety efforts of installing the American Library Association show, the first show post-Katrina in the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, during rebuilding.


Brian has passionately dedicated his career to events, tourism and attractions safety. He is a managing member in a company that provides events, tourism and attractions safety consulting and expert witness services. 

Educational Endeavours

In addition to Brian’s many business activities, Brian has spent numerous years learning his trade… not only as a practitioner but as an academic. Brian holds a Bachelor of Science in Health, Leisure, and Exercise Science, a Post-Baccalaureate Graduate Certificate in Industrial Engineering with a concentration in Human Factors and Safety, a Master of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management and has completed his coursework for a PhD in Hospitality Education, with an emphasis on events, tourism and attractions safety and risk management.

Brian ardently developed talent within the events, tourism and attractions industry, by instructing and mentoring students from the Rosen College of Hospitality Management at the University of Central Florida, where he was an instructor for nearly a decade. 

Brian provided internship opportunities to help facilitate the careers of future industry professionals and is proud of the progress many of his interns made. He also served for over 6-years as a faculty advisor at the University of Central Florida.


Brian is also a published author, featured in four safety manuals for the events and attractions industries. His work was published in the Worldwide Hospitality and Tourism Themes Journal and he contributed a chapter to the textbook Strategic Management for Hospitality and Tourism. Avery is currently working on a nonfiction book that will highlight the tragedies that have impacted the lives of those attending or experiencing events or attractions.


Brian has held or currently holds memberships within professional associations and societies, such as Meeting Professionals International, Florida Festival and Events Association, International Association of Venue Managers, ASTM International and American Society of Safety Engineers and American Society for Industrial Security. 

Community Involvement

Brian is passionate not only about events, tourism and attractions safety, but believes in keeping culture and art alive in his community. He donates his time, resources and knowledge, serving as a Board member and Chair for the Orlando Repertory Theatre.

CV Request

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Career Highlights

University of Florida University of Florida
University of Florida

Brian is a Lecturer at the Univ. of Florida, Dept. of Tourism, Rec. and Sport Mgmt., College of Health & Human Perf. Brian is thrilled to be teaching tourism, event & recreation courses in operations, risk and legal aspects. 

TED Talk TED Talk
TED Talk

Brian had the privilege of creating a TED Talk lesson on How Rollercoasters Affect your Body. Brian investigated what roller coasters are doing to your body and how they’ve managed to get scarier and safer at the same time. View animation

Disney International Disney International
Disney International

For several years, Brian had the honor of teaching Theme Park Management to students attending the Walt Disney World International College Program at the University of Central Florida’s Rosen College of Hospitality Management.

ASTM International ASTM International
ASTM International

For over 15 years, Brian has served as a voting committee member for ASTM Intl. F24 for amusement rides and devices. ASTM F24 oversees 19 standards that play a critical role in the safe operation of amusement rides and devices. 

Dubai Parks & Resorts Dubai Parks & Resorts
Dubai Parks & Resorts

Brian had the pleasure of working with the Dubai Parks and Resorts (motiongate Dubai, Legoland Park, Legoland Water Park, Bollywood) U.A.E. Emiratis in the development of their operations, safety and risk management practices. 

UCF Rosen College UCF Rosen College
UCF Rosen College

Brian was able to fulfill a dream by developing and instructing a first of its kind course addressing the risk mgmt. concepts of events, tourism and attractions operators at UCF’s Rosen College of Hospitality Mgmt.

The Weather Channel The Weather Channel
The Weather Channel

Brian relished the rare and exhilarating experience of being able to speak nationally and unedited on The Weather Channel for over 10-minutes on the dangers of amusement rides and devices. 

Emerald Publishing Emerald Publishing
Emerald Publishing

Brian will never forget the exciting moment he learned his first peer reviewed journal article was being published, Insight into amusement park ride and device safety in the United States, by Emerald Publishing. 

The Orlando REP The Orlando REP
The Orlando REP

Brian is passionate about keeping culture and art alive. He served as a Board member for over 9-years at The Orlando REP and completed a 2-year term as Chair of this wonderful organization. 


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