Events, tourism and attractions operational safety expert witness, public speaker/trainer and consultant.

CV Highlights
  • 25+ Years of experience
  • Completed coursework for Ph.D. in Hospitality Ed. (ETA Safety & Risk Mgmt.)
  • M.S. Hospitality Mgmt. 
  • Post-bac. Grad. Cert. IE
  • B.S. Leisure (Recreation) Programming 
  • College Instructor (Hosp. & Event Mgmt.)
  • Published 
  • Public Speaker 

Professional Profile

Brian D. Avery has over twenty five years of experience in the events, tourism and attractions industry. His background is comprised of three areas of expertise: risk and safety management, event design and execution, and education.

His career began on the frontlines of the industry working as a midway operator at Boardwalk and Baseball amusement park at the age of fourteen. Brian followed-up his start by working at Discovery Zone; an entertainment facility featuring games and indoor mazes designed for young children, including roller slides, climbing play structures and ball pits.

After college, he went on to be a manager for five restaurants on property at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. He cultivated knowledge in the importance of providing excellent customer service and delivering a safe and enjoyable guest experience. He transitioned from restaurant management to his passion, which is guest safety, by joining Avery Safety Consulting, Inc. in 1998.

He served the company as a safety and health consultant, where he performed amusement attraction and facility inspections, as well as, co-created and outlined safety guides and manuals for clients. He went on to work as a safety specialist for SeaWorld and Discovery Cove, where he developed and managed safety training programs for employees and conducted guests accident investigations and park-wide inspections of facilities and attractions.

Brian Avery’s years with SeaWorld allowed him to become adept at providing safety and wellness for employees and guests on a daily basis, which gave him a unique perspective he uses in all of his industry endeavors. Avery’s time with SeaWorld established his reputation as an outstanding safety and risk assessment professional, thanks in part to his successful championing of a ride-out team during three Florida hurricanes without a single employee injury. 

In 2005, Avery joined GES Exposition Services, where his safety management expertise was essential in New Orleans post-Katrina tradeshow recovery efforts. He established a company-wide safety and health program, which resulted in an overall reduction in injury and liability rates.

Avery has passionately dedicated his career to events, tourism and attractions safety. He is a managing member in a company that provides events, tourism and attractions safety and consulting services. He is also the Managing Member for Frontline Event Services, LLC; where his company provides Central Florida with high-tech photo and video rental services. In addition to his partnerships with these companies he ardently develops talent within this industry by mentoring students within the Rosen College of Hospitality Management at the University of Central Florida where he is an instructor. He provides internship opportunities to help facilitate the careers of future events, tourism and attractions professionals.

Brian Avery holds a Master of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management and has completed his coursework for a PhD in Hospitality Education, with an emphasis on events, tourism and attractions safety and risk management. Avery is an instructor within the Rosen College of Hospitality Management and serves as a faculty advisor at the University of Central Florida.

Brian is also a published author, featured in four safety manuals for the events and attractions industries. His work was published in the Worldwide Hospitality and Tourism Themes Journal and he contributed a chapter to the textbook Strategic Management for Hospitality and Tourism.

He has held or currently holds memberships within professional associations and societies, such as Meeting Professionals International, Florida Festival and Events Association, International Association of Venue Managers, ASTM International and American Society of Safety Engineers and American Society for Industrial Security.

Brian is passionate not only about events, tourism and attractions safety, but believes in keeping culture and art alive in his community. He donates his time, resources and knowledge, serving as a Board member and Chair for the Orlando Repertory Theatre.


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