Weather Planning

Weather Safety Word of the Day

It is understood that weather can have an adverse impact on both outdoor and indoor events.

Event planners and attraction/venue operators have an obligation to monitor the weather and manage the event, attraction or venue based on what is known and foreseeable.

Everything from patron exposure to temporary structures needs to be addressed.

Contingency planning is a vital part of event success and should be a priority in planning.

Protecting People

People Safety Word of the Day

Above ALL else… when developing an event or operating an attraction of venue, the safety of PEOPLE should be your number 1 priority.

Planning for Incidents

Foreseeable incidents and prevention efforts

A foreseeable event is one that can easily be imagined or known about before it happens through experience or research.

With historical insight from previous incidents occurring at venues or on attractions, an event planner or venue/attraction operator should know or be able to determine the likelihood of an incident and implement a plan to mitigate its known hazard using the 3 E’s.

Enforcement of Policies

Enforcement Safety Word of the Day

When known and foreseeable hazards cannot be eliminated through engineering practices and educational efforts are ignored (3 E’s), we should resort to enforcement.

To properly enforce, event professionals and venue/attraction operators should rely on established policies and procedures.

This provides a baseline for the decision making process and assists with ensuring compliance when policies and procedures are ignored.

Why Brian Avery Serves the Orlando Repertory Theatre

Brian Avery Orlando REP

ORLANDO, FL, Aug. 27, 2016 — Event Safety Services is proud to announce that Brian Avery (Managing Member) has been elected Chair of the Orlando Repertory Theatre Board of Directors for the 2016-2018 seasons. Brian Avery’s passion for the arts, years of leadership experience and community contacts brings valuable perspective to the organization.

Brian Avery’s passion for the arts started when he received a call from his sister in early 1991. She called during a break in rehearsal for a show in the black box of the Civic Theatre, which is now known as the Orlando Repertory Theatre. The crux of the conversation, “Um, Brian, we lost our leading man. Would you want to fill in? You can act, right?”

Avery saved the show and memorized the part of the leading man in just a few days. He was a darn good actor, too.  The show even received a standing ovation on the first night.

That experience sparked something in Avery that ignited a passion within him that has never burned out. He is passionate about theatre for the family and young audiences. Brian’s love for his family, his desire for community experiences and a need for creativity have brought him to the arts and The REP family.

Since 2009, Brian Avery, Managing Member of Event Safety Services has been serving on the Board of Directors for the Orlando Repertory Theatre. He loves working with the Board to create opportunities that encourage families to choose The REP for family theatre when seeking entertainment options. Avery says, “I have seen the positive and lasting impact the arts and theatre can have on families. I have carried those beliefs and have instilled them into my own family—hoping to continue the cycle for generations to come.”

Avery loves to contribute to the Orlando community by serving on the Board alongside many other amazing and talented members. He believes that to keep a community alive and thriving you must keep art and theatre alive and thriving, especially for families and young audiences. Avery says, “Theatre makes us think, dream, and grow, so it should be part of everyone’s life.”

The Orlando Repertory Theatre partners with the University of Central Florida to bring outstanding professional theatre to Central Florida based on classic and contemporary children’s literature. The REP places a strong emphasis on educational development and culturally diverse, intergenerational programming. The mission of the Staff and Board of Directors is to create experiences that enlighten, entertain and enrich the lives of family and young audiences.

Event Safety Serveries is a growing company that provides comprehensive safety and risk management services for the events, tourism and attractions industries. Following the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando, FL, at the request of The REP, Brian evaluated The REP’s emergency response plans and provided scenario training to The REP’s Leadership Team and staff. In light of the tragedy that impacted many in Orlando and afar, it was important for Brian to assist The REP in a professional capacity to safeguard the staff, patrons, and children working and experiencing The REP.

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