Hazard Analysis

Hazard Planning Safety Word of the Day

A hazard analysis is a systematic process for identifying hazards and recommending corrective actions.

When developing a safety program for your event, venue or attraction, a hazard identification and analysis program are paramount to its success.

Like any aspect of a planner’s or operator’s job, have a check sheet prepared for the event, venue experiences or attractions provided and conduct your analysis and mitigate your findings.

Protecting People

People Safety Word of the Day

Above ALL else… when developing an event or operating an attraction of venue, the safety of PEOPLE should be your number 1 priority.

Planning for Incidents

Foreseeable incidents and prevention efforts

A foreseeable event is one that can easily be imagined or known about before it happens through experience or research.

With historical insight from previous incidents occurring at venues or on attractions, an event planner or venue/attraction operator should know or be able to determine the likelihood of an incident and implement a plan to mitigate its known hazard using the 3 E’s.

Enforcement of Policies

Enforcement Safety Word of the Day

When known and foreseeable hazards cannot be eliminated through engineering practices and educational efforts are ignored (3 E’s), we should resort to enforcement.

To properly enforce, event professionals and venue/attraction operators should rely on established policies and procedures.

This provides a baseline for the decision making process and assists with ensuring compliance when policies and procedures are ignored.

Event Safety Education

Educate Safety Word of the Day

When known and foreseeable hazards cannot be eliminated through engineering practices (3 E’s) we need to shift focus to the education of staff, vendors & patrons.

Establishing policies and procedures based on manufacturer materials, standards, regulations and common practices is the best place to start.

The incorporation of these materials into signage, spiels, brochures, training guides and more will provide a solid foundation for your organization & will assist ALL with safety compliance.

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