Do you plan events, manage a venue or operate attractions?

Then this guide is for you!

A must have for any planner or operator!

The Emergency Planning Guide The Emergency Planning Guide
The Emergency Planning Guide

An emergency disaster planning guide designed specifically for event planners and venue/attraction operators.

A FREE safety manual provided to you by: Bill & Brian Avery 


Providing a FREE emergency planning guide for event planners and attraction operators. You will find the following to address your safety concerns: 

  • Templates for hurricane, lightning and general weather planning; 
  • Evacuation procedures and best practices; 
  • General issues affecting guest liability; 
  • Information on fire safety and general life safety codes; 
  • Safety guidelines for the use and misuse of tools and equipment; 
  • Terrorism considerations and general planning guidelines; 
  • Animal release/escape, crowd management and event profile practices; 
  • Earthquake, blizzards and tornadoes planning  tools; 
  • Root cause of accidents evaluation process; 
  • Promote positive use of accident investigation process; and, 
  • Emergency supplies list and much more…