Attraction Liability Waivers

Limitations of liability waivers

The use of a waiver is a legal decision by someone to voluntarily relinquish or surrender some known right or privilege.

Within the events and attractions industries, participants in extreme sports, certain amusement devices and immersive entertainment experiences are often required to sign a waiver.

When writing a waiver for a patron experience, it is important to address the hazards associated with the normal use or operation of the experience being provided.

Please understand, that an operator cannot waive hazards caused by failing to adhere to regulations, standards and common industry practices.

As event planners, develop a plan to ensure that your vendor is qualified to operate and meets all industry standards and practices and remain engaged throughout the process.

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Brian D. Avery has over twenty five years of experience in the events, tourism and attractions industry. His background is comprised of three areas of expertise: risk and safety management, event design and execution, and education. Brian routinely is asked to speak on the topic of event and attraction safety and provide expert testimony.
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