Negligent Planning and Operation

Negligent event planning

Negligence is a legal term concerning a failure to use reasonable care.

Usually when a negligent act occurs someone is injured or something had been damaged.

As event planners and venue/attraction operators we have a legal obligation to be familiar with and address known and foreseeable hazards that impact patrons, staff and vendors.

When a planner or operator fails to act reasonably, and an incident occurs, they might be sued.

A determination will be made by the courts regarding the planner or operator’s duty and degree of care.

We (industry professionals) are the experts, let’s rely on each other to address event, venue and attraction hazards.

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Brian D. Avery has over twenty five years of experience in the events, tourism and attractions industry. His background is comprised of three areas of expertise: risk and safety management, event design and execution, and education. Brian routinely is asked to speak on the topic of event and attraction safety and provide expert testimony.
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