Proactive and Safe Event Planning

Event planners should be proactive

Within the Events, Tourism and Attractions (ETA) world, risk management and safety policies have a tendency to take a backseat to budgets and creativity. At what cost though?

Several meeting/event planning surveys have concluded that less than 25% of ETA organizations develop policies and procedures addressing safety.

To be proactive is to control a situation by causing something to happen rather than responding to it after it has happened.

ETA planners should embrace this process and avoid the potential pitfalls of failing to mitigate known and preventable issues.‪

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Brian D. Avery has over twenty five years of experience in the events, tourism and attractions industry. His background is comprised of three areas of expertise: risk and safety management, event design and execution, and education. Brian routinely is asked to speak on the topic of event and attraction safety and provide expert testimony.
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