Planning Planning

Let us review your existing policies and procedures with the goal of identifying any gaps and filling them. 

We can follow-up by conducting training to ensure awareness and close with an operational review to assure compliance. 

Enjoy the benefits of having a rock-solid and seamless operational safety plan.


Compliance Compliance

Developing policies and procedures based on regulations, standards and common industry practices.

Providing essential roadmaps to assure compliance with municipal codes and permitting.

From fully-developed policies and procedures to inspection check-sheets and training, we have got you covered.


Identification Identification

Applying standards, practices, and local requirements for permitting, temporary structures, fire safety, crowd management, attraction safety and more.

Inspecting every detail and analyzing the environment considering staff, vendors, patrons, products, equipment and experiences to identify hazards and mitigate them. 

Things to consider

More than Meets the Eye...

Don’t solely rely on your insurance and Fire Marshals inspections… compliance with ingress/egress, fire extinguisher locations and building codes scratch the surface of event concerns.

Don't Get Left Holding the Bag

Third-party vendors often don’t have proper policies, procedures or permits.  Vet your vendors to determine compliance with your policies and procedures.

Know the Standards

When planning an event or operating a venue or attraction you must consult at a bare-minimum the following: OSHA, NFPA, ASTM, ANSI and ADA.

BIG Picture

When you need an organization that understands the whole and not just the part, look to Event Safety Services.  Working to assure compliance in order to reduce liability.

To learn more about compliance with policies, procedures and standards, check out our blogs on:

Event Risk Management for Meeting Planners and Venue Operators: Forward Thinking

Hospitality, Tourism and Event Safety Regulations and Standards: The Basics

“80 percent of events are not crisis prepared…”

Let's HELP you get started!

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Current and Past Clients

GE/NBC Universal - Due Diligence
Westgate Resorts - Attractions and Premises Inspections
SeaWorld Orlando - Attractions and Premises Inspections
Next Retail UK - Event Safety Planning and Inspections
Fireman's Fund Insurance - Event Safety Staff Training
BaM Productions - Premises and Temporary Structures Inspections

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